49th International Congress

2 - 4 October 2018


The congress was organised by the Polish regional section Dziewiarzy IFKT and the IW-Textile Research Institute.

The main objective of the meeting of experts was to present the global progress in the textile industry with special emphasis on warp knitting and knitting. The congress was attended by numerous scientists, machine builders, experts and representatives of the textile industry from 12 countries, including the two new country sections from Bangladesh and the USA.

At the 49th International IFKT Congress, technological and technical innovations were discussed, leading in particular to functional textile materials, new design and further developed processes in production. The ecology of textiles in connection with their safety-related and ecological finishing processes was not forgotten either.

During the congress, the speakers presented the findings of their scientific work and results from research and practice in over 20 lectures, e.g.

∗ Development of the Polish textile and clothing sector

∗ new weft insertion for warp knits

∗ physiological comfort properties of knitted wool fabrics

∗ Knitted and crocheted fabrics for medical and technical use

∗ thermal diffusion properties of some shoe materials

∗ non-contact method for determining the weight per unit area

The congress was an excellent international platform for the exchange of experience and knowledge in the field of warp knitting and knitting production, which was extensively used by the participants in the discussions and many one-to-one talks. It was also discussed how the cooperation of the country sections can be activated in the future for the benefit of industry.

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